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Spotlight on Temporary Employment Paying Your Bills While Building Your Career

or our spring/summer Spotlight on Temporary Employment, 12 actors currently balancing art and commerce offer advice on the best ways to integrate temporary employment into an acting career. Keeping your head above water in what the general consensus suggests is a shrinking pool of jobs available can be a challenge. Our interviewees offer a variety of tips on how to find a service, how to impress quickly, whether or not to reveal that you're an actor, which computer skills are essential (and how to acquire them for free), what you can accomplish without computer skills, how to balance your temping and artistic responsibilities, strategies for attaining health coverage, and more. They debate other issues, such as the advantages of long-term vs. short-term temp gigs, the relative merits of working for small or large services, and whether or not one's acting skills are a help or hindrance to success in the corporate world. And there is some surprising advice on how to make lessons learned on the job into fodder for the artis

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