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6 Actors Who Squandered their Oscar Win (Slideshow)

6 Actors Who Squandered their Oscar Win (Slideshow)

Winning an Academy Award can change an actor's life...or it can be a ticket to obscurity.Tom Hanks may have won Oscars back-to-back, but so did Luise Rainer. And sometimes, an actor can squander the opportunities presented by an Oscar win. (Cough cough "Snow Dogs" cough!) In some cases, it's not the actor's fault. Brenda Fricker was wonderful as Daniel Day-Lewis' mother in "My Left Foot," but there probably weren't a lot of roles coming her way after her win. Forest Whitaker and Louis Gossett Jr. both seemed to be selective about their roles following their wins, but their follow-up films failed to connect with audiences. And Gossett certainly tried. He was in the running for the role of Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs," but lost out to Anthony Hopkins.

But then there are actors who just seemed to make bad choice after bad choice, going for easy paychecks or further Oscar bait. With Oscar nominations just around the corner, the time felt right to warn future winners of the fate that can befall them after taking home the gold.


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