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The Backstage Teens Issue!

The Backstage Teens Issue!

We've got the scoop on how to navigate the acting business as a teen? With everything from acting classes to colleges to transitioning to new roles, check out the Backstage teen issue to find out where you fit in the industry!

Acting Schools and Studios for Kids and Teens in L.A. and NYC
Ambitious aspiring actors may want to investigate the courses offered at these studios and companies before turning professional.

How To Transition from Child Parts to Teen Roles
You’re growing up, and that’s your new role. You may want to put your tutu in a box for safekeeping, but you’re not abandoning childhood; you’re embracing young adulthood.

6 Tips for Picking the Perfect College Acting Program
Harvey Young gives tips that can help you to better prepare for the college application season and lower your stress.

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