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Spotlight on Dance

Spotlight on Dance
Back Stage's look at the world of professional dancing includes a focus on Twyla Tharp's new dance musical, a celebration of New York dance studio Steps, tips from choreographers, and dance school listings.

Dancing in Two Different Worlds
In her latest Broadway outing, "Come Fly Away," Twyla Tharp has concocted a full evening of dazzling choreography to the songs of Frank Sinatra.

Keeping In Steps
Above the hustle and bustle of a Fairway Market, sits the world Carol Paumgarten started. In its 30th year, her investment seems to have paid off.

Top Tips for Acing a Dance Sequence?
"One of the things all dancers should do is be prepared as to what it is they're auditioning for. For instance, if they're auditioning for "Guys and Dolls," they have to understand that this is a period piece." - Sergio Trujillo

List of Dance Schools in Los Angeles and New York
Each listing includes the school's specialties as well as their location and contact info.

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