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Spotlight on Moving to the Big Apple

Spotlight on Moving to the Big Apple

Every actor struggles with the decision of whether to pursue a career in Los Angeles, New York or work regionally. New York actors who have made the big move, discuss landing an agent, finding work, expenses -- especially rent, and adjusting to life in the Big Apple.

Cross Country 'Betty'

If ever a TV series celebrated the joys and challenges of life in New York City, it's ABC's "Ugly Betty."

An Online Lifeline

Even as a native New Yorker, actor Steven Leon doesn't know all the city's secrets.

Bright Lights, Big City

After 20 years of acting in L.A., Mary VanArsdel had saved enough money to survive temporarily in Manhattan.

Change Is Gonna Come

New York isn't just a place. Making it there symbolizes acting success.

Don't Quit Your Day Job

These days, just about any job is a great job to have.

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