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Spotlight on Voiceover, Speech and Diction

Spotlight on Voiceover, Speech and Diction
The Power Behind the Mike
"Years ago, men had to have big, beautiful, commanding voices and women had to have soft, whispering, dulcet tones," says voiceover agent Peter Varano of AVO Talent.

Putting Your Voice to the Test
It's probably accurate to say that I have "decided" to make a voiceover demo at least six times in the last ten years.

Projection Protection
A play can be as hard on the voice as a musical, with actors required to communicate intense emotions on a nightly basis—emotions that can stress the vocal folds, causing swelling and worse.

Celebrities Are Taking All the Jobs
There seem to be more and more celebrities doing voiceovers, whether it's Morgan Freeman telling us why we should use Visa or Reese Witherspoon and an all-star cast duking it out in Monsters vs. Aliens. But is the perception accurate?

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