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Welcome Knights of Velour!

Costuming for Period films set in the days of knights, shining armor, and toothless peasants can be quite a challenge. Thankfully we arranged a brief interview with the master of King Arthur period clothing and part owner of "Wilde Knights Clothing Design" Chuck "Sir Galahad" Loosyer.

BS: Chuck, we've noticed you use a good deal of velour in your work, even though it's not technically an authentic period material.

CL: yeah, it's pretty cool. I like red velour. I like drawing patterns in it and then like, rubbing it out, you know, that's cool.

BS: Have you ever incorporated chain maile in your designs?

CL: No that's really, hard. Check out my laced boots, though, that was super hard to do, but they're pretty sweet right?

BS: Do you have advice for our readers who may be considering a career in renaissance clothing design.

CL: Um, yeah, I guess let your imagination go, and stuff. I find a lot of inspiration in role playing activities. I guess do a lot of that or something.

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