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Stage West Closes But Springfield Mayor Is Seeking New Tenant

Stage West, a theatre that has stood for 20 years in Springfield, Mass., closed its doors on May 24 after years of operating at a loss.

The 400-seat theatre will no longer be occupied by a resident theatre group, although Mayor Michael J. Albano is sending out a request for proposals for theatre use.

"We're looking for someone to bring high-quality theatre to Springfield. We have a wonderful location, and a wonderful theatre," said the mayor.

The theatre is located in the middle of an area that includes The Basketball Hall of Fame and some 40 restaurants, according to Albano. He said that Springfield is interested in having performances in the space, although Stage West has had profit problems in the past.

Albano said that the town no longer needs a resident theatre company, but would rather host touring productions, and rent out the space according to the proposals that come in.

If interested in submitting a proposal, call (413) 787-6100 for more information

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