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Stetkevych has worked in theatre in Chicago and

Stetkevych has worked in theatre in Chicago and trained at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. He has been working as an actor in New York for a little more than a year.

"The part was a grad student and he was intelligent, and I'd like to think that fits with who I am, but he was also grungy. I thought, Well, it would be interesting if they cast me as this. They could dress me up that way, but that would be a stretch. They could change the character, but they won't do that. I know I did a good job with the reading, and I know they enjoyed me. But it was one of those things where if you're auditioning for a regional theatre and you're working with a limited pool of actors, you could adapt the part to fit the talent. But this is New York, and the next three guys that walk into the room are going to be dark-haired and grungy. And that was true here."

"It was pleasant. I just met with the casting director. I thought for much of the time that I was going to start reading for him. But they were at the 'just meeting people' stage. I haven't heard anything yet, but who knows? Maybe I wasn't evil and Aryan enough."

"There are so many times you're asked to read at auditions and you know it's not the classics. This is something that has yet to survive 100 years of theatrical history. You realize it's part of the business. I watch the commercials and I watch TV and somebody says a stupid line. But that's a job that I want. You can't say, 'I'll never do the hemorrhoid commercial.' "

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