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Stock Exchanges - Quotes

"It's a chance to really hone your skills in a professional environment. Everybody should look at it as an investment in one's career.

- Michael Ray Escamilla, actor

"Make sure you know what your duties are before you go there, if you're going into a non-Equity company."

- Valery Fagan, actor

"I remember Faith Prince and I cleaning out men's urinals [at Indiana's Wagon Wheel Playhouse]—that was really edifying."

- Barbara Walsh, actor

"You have to be willing to work hard and keep an open attitude. Go in feeling you want to be changed by this experience, to improve yourself as a performer."

- Franklin Trapp, actor

"I learned how to deal with the pressures of doing a lot of theatre work all at once."

- Paul Woodson, actor

"It's absolutely vital to pre-block."

- Dusty Reeds, director

"Even one day waiting in summer stock can create stress and pressure for a prop department that could have known they needed to make 14 chicken baskets."

- Peggy Hickey, actor-choreographer

"If actors aren't picking up a certain step, change it. Make it a step that they can get and master, because you don't have six weeks of time to teach somebody."

- Edie Cowan, director-choreographer

"One of the biggest challenges is the speed at which shows must come together. With sound design, you get very little time to work with the orchestra or performers."

- Paul A. Black, set, lighting, and sound designer

"The challenges are time, budget, time, crew skills, and time."


"75% of the jobs I have had can be traced somehow back to my career in Wichita. I think of it as 'Six Degrees of Summer Stock.' It's a great place to make contacts."

- David Neville, lighting designer

"Everything is more concentrated,"

- John Nassivera, producing artistic director, Dorset Theatre Festival

"Summer apprentices—in acting and in tech—take workshops and get a chance to work under professional conditions. Watching how much those young people develop during those few weeks is what has kept me here for 16 years."

- Wayne Bryan, producing director, Music Theatre of Wichita

"Our student interns used to be generalists. They sang, danced, acted, and made the scenery. Now they are specialized."

- Charles Massey, associate producer-artistic director, New London Barn Playhouse

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