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Study: Opportunities Down For Female Actors in Hollywood

Study: Opportunities Down For Female Actors in Hollywood

For all the talk of a post-“Bridesmaids” boom, opportunities have not increased for female actors in Hollywood films. That’s according to a new study released May 13 by USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. The results of a survey of the top 100 box-office grossing films in 2012 found that women comprised only 28.4 percent of speaking roles in movies.

“There has been no meaningful change in the prevalence of women onscreen across the five years studied,” professor Stacy L. Smith, the study’s principal investigator, said in a written statement from the school. “In fact, 2012 features the lowest percentage of females in the five years covered in this report.”

When they are onscreen, women tend to be portrayed in a highly sexualized manner. The study found that 31.6 percent of women in movies were featured wearing “sexually revealing clothing.” More than half of teen characters—56.6 percent—appeared in sexual attire.

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