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The SXSW Experience, Part 2

The SXSW Experience, Part 2

There is really nothing like sitting face to face with Paul Walker or Julian Morris to make you question your life choices. I interviewed both good-looking gentlemen (separately, thank god) at the Driskill Hotel yesterday, an ornate, wood-carving-laden hotel built on a hot springs and allegedly haunted. Walker was here to promote “Hours” and Morris “Kelly and Victor,” though he’d just spent the afternoon with Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson at a Cracker Barrel. “Have you heard of this?” he asked me when he walked in. “Cracker Barrel? I just ate a fried steak covered in gravy, and I can feel my arteries hardening.”

Under normal circumstances, being told that people have just chowed down at Cracker Barrel would throw me into a rage, but as it happens I’ve been eating pretty well here myself. Once I’d gotten the obligatory, “Maybe the food at my hotel is actually good this time” trip out of the way, of course. Brigade Marketing threw a breakfast taco party to celebrate “Short Term 12,” a new movie starring Brie Larson (look for our interview this week!), at which one had one’s choice of mimosas or margaritas. And later, I went out exploring on my own and ended up at Takoba, just across the street from the Texas State Cemetery. I spent my dinner watching the living, though, playing a fun game I like to play “Actor or musician?”

After catching the premiere of Walker’s “Hours,” I wandered to the western end of Austin for an after party for Ken Marino’s new movie “Milo” and documentary “Los Wild Ones.” The shindig was on a rooftop at the assholishly named 219 West located at 612 W. 6th St. Again, the drinks were good, but I don’t know how much longer I can imbibe sugary cocktails. My teeth are starting to hurt.

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