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The Screen Actors Guild has established CastSAG, a

The Screen Actors Guild has established CastSAG, a password protected online version of a service provided for many years to producers and casting directors known as Actors to Locate.

For decades, producers and casting directors needing to contact a specific SAG member have been able to place a phone call to the Guild during regular business hours to obtain the latest contact information members have voluntarily provided to Actors to Locate.

"The information will now be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will also benefit our members to have their contact information available to producers and casting directors round the clock," said Greg Krizman, acting director of national communications.

Letters announcing the availability of CastSAG have been sent to casting directors nationwide, who have been asked to let SAG know what they think of the service and how it can possibly be improved.

The regular Actors to Locate phone service will continue to operate, in conjunction with the new CastSAG online service, during regular business hours.

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