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The World of Hosting: How to Break Into It

2:00-3:30 pm -- 9th Floor, Room #C937
Learn how to Make Money as a TV Host from the Top Manager of Television Presenters working for Networks like E! Entertainment and ABC. Learn what it takes to break into the world of hosting by top host manager, Marki Costello, known as "the Queen of Hosting."


-- Marki Costello, Host and Teacher


Marki Costello
Known as the "Queen of Hosting," Marki Costello started her casting career in Hollywood and now manages the careers of more than 25 on-air working hosts, including Jason Kennedy of E! Entertainment, Michele Merkin of E! Entertainment, and Rossi Morreale of ABC's "Dating in the Dark."

Costello has trained countless celebrities, such as Kelly Osbourne, Khloé Kardashian, Bill Rancic, Cee-Lo, and fashion designers DSquared, in perfecting the craft of television hosting. She has an academy for television hosts, which includes a monthly hosting boot camp, ongoing classes, a hosting showcase, and the only "Improv for Host" workshop.

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