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Tom Hooper on Anne Hathaway's 'Les Miz' Oscar Audition

Tom Hooper on Anne Hathaway's 'Les Miz' Oscar Audition
Photo Source: ABC

Back in November, I wondered aloud if it was mere conicidence that Anne Hathaway hosted the Oscars in 2011 and sang a version of "On My Own" to Hugh Jackman while future "Les Misérables" director Tom Hooper was in the audience (he won that year for "The King's Speech.") At a recent Q&A with Jackman, Hooper, and Eddie Redmyane following a screening of "Les Misérables," I had the opportunity to ask Hooper this very question. His response: "I’m sitting at the Oscars, pretty sure that I’m going to direct 'Les Miz' but not sure at all who I’m going to cast. And Anne Hathaway steps forth, to the front of the stage and sings a rendition of 'On My Own' to Hugh Jackman. And I’m going: Hold on a second, is Anne Hathaway using the Oscar stage as the ultimate auditioning platform for her talents and is she also suggesting Hugh Jackman while she’s at it? Or is this just coincidence? She claims it’s coincidence. I think she’s too shrewd. But we’ll never know. "

At which point I asked Jackman if he had any idea that Hathaway was going to sing to him that night. "No!" Jackman insisted. At which point Hooper replied, "See, I'm not sure I even believe that."

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