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Eric Hensman (prod./dir.) is accepting submissions for Truth's Deception, a digital "Twilight Zone", "Sixth Sense"-style psychological thriller for Cal State Fullerton about a guy who is suddenly killed being put to the test against the Devil for his soul. Dir. Mathew Hensman. Shoots Mar. 1. Copy, credit, and meals provided. There is no pay.

Breakdown—Jason: 18-26, any ethnicity, handsome, likable, intense, LEAD; Emily: 18-26, any ethnicity, attractive, dramatic, Jason's girlfriend; Oracle: African-American, 30-60, calm, mysterious; Buddhist Monk: 30-70, kind face; Minister: 30-70, gentle, good speaker, trusting; Two Muslim Prophets: Indian, 24-40; Hindu woman: Indian, 24-46, exotic; Devil: 20-40, strong presence, intense; Female: 30-50, compassionate, kind-hearted, loving, helps all.

Send pix & resumé to Unity Entertainment, 16315 Bellbrook St., Covina, CA 91722. For information call (626) 962-2523.

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