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Two Broadway legends, Harold Prince and Carol Burn

Two Broadway legends, Harold Prince and Carol Burnett, are working on a new play called "Holly-wood Arms," Back Stage has confirmed. Burnett, a recipient of a special Tony Award in 1969, co-authored the play with her daughter, Carrie Hamilton. Prince, who has a dozen Tonys (more than anyone else in history), directed a reading of the play Fri., Sept. 15, presumably with the intention of directing a full production in the future.

According to Prince's publicist, Mary Bryant, the reading was "a private reading, not a workshop of any kind."

No details about the size of the cast or prospective casting ideas were available. "It's very, very, early," Bryant said. "Far too early for that. Ever since 'Company' [the Stephen Sondheim-George Furth musical, which Prince directed and produced], Hal has done these readings just to see where they are."

Prince has also been mentioned as the director of Sondheim's next musical, which had been called "Wise Guys" but may undergo a name change before it hits Broadway. Coincidentally, Bur- nett's last Broadway appearance was in "Putting It Together," a staged "review" of Sondheim songs—largely from shows that Prince originally directed and produced.

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