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Jason Perr (prod.) is accepting submissions for We Deliver, a sync-sound film for USC about three young people and strange co-workers trying to start a food delivery business. Dir. Andy Farotte. Shoots Apr. 22. Copy, credit, and meals provided. There is no pay.

Breakdown—Josh Dixon: 20s, any ethnicity, co-founder of food delivery service, little neurotic, harbors longtime secret crush on Ellen; Ellen Fielding: Caucasian, 20s, co-founder of food delivery service, always shooting for moon; Harmon Worthington: Caucasian, 20s, handsome, charming, rich, old money, money-smart, street-smart; Susie Miyamoto: Asian, 20s, perky, resourceful, born to talk on phone, somewhat self-involved; Gus Hill: 20s, any ethnicity, spiky-haired anarchist, lots of conspiracy theories; Jones: Caucasian or Latina, 20s, Goth type, always deadpan, can't stand perkiness; Sumner Worthington: Caucasian, 50s, thin, Harmon's rich, gruff, no-nonsense father, business tycoon; Victoria Worthington: Caucasian, 50s, Harmon's mother, professional socialite; Vagrant: Caucasian, 40s-50s, street rat, occasional flashes of bizarre clarity; Building manager: 40s, foreign, pushy, evasive, in it for money; Carpool mom: 40s, any ethnicity, full of middle-class minivan rage.

Send pix & resumé to Doug Wellman, 3131 S. Figueroa St., L.A., CA 90089-9756. SAG AGREEMENT.

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