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What did you do to stay

What did you do to stay busy?

I'm always trying to increase my learning curve by reading autobiographies of people in the industry. I try to grow through other people's experiences. I don't have the 20 years of [acting] experience. How do I gain experience and not actually have the experience personally?

Whose autobiographies have you read, and what did they teach you?

John Huston's. Toward the end of his [directing career], he said he didn't even look at the camera anymore. He just listened, and if it sounded right, it was right. For my voiceover work, that was very, very important.

Who else have you read?

Elia Kazan. That was interesting and powerful. I was trying to get the background on so many classic pieces of work I've seen by him from that era. Actors were just letting go and being driven by impulses—and being driven by impulses is wonderful. I had an audition for a pilot called Bottom of the Ninth. It was an interesting experience. You know how you do the background work on the character? I did the background, I was relaxed going in, sitting in the waiting room, and the people were very warm. When I started, a voice came out of me, and I didn't know who the hell it was.

What did it do to you?

It kind of shook me up—in a good way. I didn't try to correct it or anything. That was the voice of the character for that day. Look at the power of that background information. It jumped out, and it was a strange voice, and I never heard that voice before come out of me. That was the lesson to learn on impulse.

How do you think it went?

I have a callback tomorrow.

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