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Woody Allen to Make Film in Spain

MADRID (THR) -- Woody Allen has signed on to shoot a film with Spanish production house Mediapro in 2007, the Barcelona-based producer said Monday.

Allen will write and direct the English-language script that will use international and Spanish actors and is expected to shoot in the first half of 2007. No other details were immediately available.

"I'm happy to be able to work with Mediapro and make a film in Spain," Allen said in a statement released by the production house. "I hope that I'll be able to enjoy my stay in Spain, a country that has become very special to me."

In recent years, Mediapro produced Oliver Stone's "Comandante," along with Isabel Coixet's "The Secret Life of Words" and Fernando Leon's "Mondays in the Sun."

-- Pamela Rolfe

Pamela Rolfe writes for The Hollywood Reporter.

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