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Writers Guild Announces New Media Nominees

The Writers Guild of America, East and West, have announced nominations for the WGA New Media Writing Awards:

Outstanding Achievement in Writing Original New Media:
"The Real Thing," "Identity Crisis," "Girl Talk," "Naming Things," "Curtain Up" (Anyone But Me), Story by Susan Miller, Tina Cesa Ward, Written by Susan Miller, Tina Cesa Ward;
"Episode 1," "Episode 4," Episode 5," Episode 6," "Episode 7" (All's Faire), Written by
Thom Woodley;
"Episode 1: We've Got Flash," "Episode 2: Complimentary Sandwiches," "Episode 3: Perfect Resume Builder" (Concierge: The Series), Written by Timothy Cooper,  
"The Shadow" (The Five Faces Project), Written by Michael A. Nixon;
 "Zac" (Madison Avery), Written by Gregory Storm;  
 Outstanding Achievement in Writing Derivative New Media:
 "Webisode One: Moving On," "Webisode Two: Lights, Camera, Action!," "Webisode Three: The Final Product" (The 3rd Floor, The Office Webisodes), Written by Kelly Hannon, Jonathan Hughes, Mary Wall;
Winners will be honored at the 2011 Writers Guild Awards on Feb. 5 at simultaneous ceremonies in New York and Los Angeles.
The Hollywood Reporter 

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