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The career platform for performing artists and creators, Backstage helped cast over 40,000 creative projects across a variety of mediums last year, including film, television, theater, commercials, fashion, web series, and more.

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Backstage is also the unmatched resource for aspiring and established actors and players in the performing arts, publishing how-to guides, interviews, and expert articles every week to help performers and makers learn the ropes and master their craft.

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Originally a trade publication founded in 1960, Backstage was acquired in 2011 by entrepreneurs who transformed the business into a profitable, fast-growing digital property and marketplace using best-in-class technology to reinvent the casting process.

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Backstage was founded by Allen Zwerdling and Ira Eaker in New York City in December 1960 as a weekly tabloid-sized newspaper, quickly becoming known as the “bible” for up-and-coming actors to navigate the industry and find casting opportunities. Since then, Backstage has helped to launch the careers of countless famous performers, including Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson, and Viola Davis. In 2011, Backstage was relaunched by entrepreneurs who transformed the magazine into a digital career platform and two-sided marketplace, while retaining its focus on award-winning editorial news and educational and service content.

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"I remember Backstage as a newspaper that we used to get to look for work. Actors knew where there were actual things that they could go audition for…. The wonderful thing about Backstage—I’m gonna give you guys a real ad here, but I don’t care, it’s true!—the wonderful thing is that [you] allowed an actor to feel a part of something, because you could just really feel out of it as a young actor."

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