Acting Business Boot Camp


Peter Pamela Rose, Owner & Founder

Rose Marie Rupley, Managing Director

Class Details

10 students per class. 18 years and older. Private coaching available. All levels. Free live seminars. Free mp3 by email request. Ongoing sessions. Payment plans available.


Acting Technique/Scene Study, Audition Technique/Cold Reading, Commercials, On-Camera Technique, Private Coaching, Singing/Musical Theater, Voice/Dialects/Accent Reduction, Voiceover


Casting Director and Certified Life & Career Coach for the entertainment industry.
Breaks down the business of becoming a working actor into a simple, actionable, step by step road map. Coaching the key elements of the "Language of the Agents and the Casting Directors," by discussing the incredible importance of top level training for the actor, and giving performers the tools to help anxiety and boost confidence in self tapes on and on the set.