Ivana Chubbuck Youth


Claire Chubbuck, Director, Chubbuck Youth

Jackie Diamond, Instructor

Kian Morr, Instructor

Aleksandar Popovic, Instructor

Cameron McCormick, Instructor

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Class Details

Kids and teens. Professional. Ongoing, workshops, summer programs, and private lessons. Introductory, advanced, and master levels.15 online/Zoom scene study classes, same format for introductory, advanced, and master actors. In-person classes to resume in October 2021. Auditing available by appointment only. Ongoing sessions. Work-study is available for enrolled students. All levels.


Acting Technique/Scene Study, Audition Technique/Cold Reading, Business of Acting, On-Camera Technique, Private Coaching, Young Performers


Ivana Chubbuck Youth at Ivana Chubbuck Studio provides professional training for minors with a robust roster of educational opportunities designed to develop both craft and career. Ivana Chubbuck Youth offers a variety of classes as well as production opportunities (film and commercial) that create an all-encompassing program for professional young actors. Ivana Chubbuck Youth programs are all based on the conviction that young actors can be trained with the same rigor and discipline as adults. Actors exercise all the aspects of craft required to achieve the highest professional standards. Students develop the techniques and confidence they need to cultivate an enduring and gratifying career in front of the camera.