Candace Ford, Assistant

Gerald White, Studio Director

Class Details

20 students per class. All levels. Auditing not permitted. Sessions every quarter at SAG-AFTRA.


Singing/Musical Theater, Voice/Dialects/Accent Reduction


Music1on1 Inc. is a studio, run by Gerald White. White is a teacher who strives to build the singing community and provide opportunities for singers to excel in all aspects of the music industry. Music1on1 Inc. offers voice lessons, sight-singing classes, vocal coaching, audition prep, singer workshops, and studio recording. This prepares the singer for what is expected in the music industry if the goal is to make a living as a singer. Music1on1 Studios is also a recording facility which gives clients an opportunity to prepare demos whether it be for songwriting, sessions, or selling yourself as an artist. Gerald’s continuing experience recording in the industry allows him first hand knowledge of what is expected in today’s music world.