Penny Templeton Studio


Penny Templeton, Teacher

Hank Schob, Teacher

Class Details

Maximum 10 students per class. 18 years and older. Private coaching available on Zoom as well as auditions on tape. All levels. 6-week class sessions and ongoing classes. Auditing not permitted. Free sample classes offered 6 times a year. "Invitation only master classes also available. Actors work several times in each session. All classes and coaching are online.


Acting Technique/Scene Study, Audition Technique/Cold Reading, On-Camera Technique, Business of Acting, Private Coaching, Solo Shows


Focuses on online auditions, with most auditions, including theater being online, places emphasis on working within the16X9 frame that is now serves as the actor’s stage. Collaborating with actors to build a strong, but practical process to approaching their work. Mastery of the craft of acting and solid technique are the foundation of the class that supports the working professional actor. Learned that the fastest and most effective ways for actors to learn their craft is online, not in a physical studio.