The Richard Lawson Studios


Richard Lawson, Instructor

Kelly Tighe, Instructor

Keili Lefkovitz, Instructor

Shane Johnson, Instructor

Jorge Ortiz, Instructor

Dan Warner, Instructor

Craig Taggart, Instructor

Beth Pennington, Instructor

Tom Ayers, Instructor

Lindsay Hopper, Instructor

Taylor Hawthorne, Director

Maia Modeste, Registrar

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Class Details

Up to 50 students per scene study class (1.0, 2.0, 3.0). Up to 20 students per on-camera professional development program (PDP), sketch performance, stand-up, improv, Audition Boot Camp, and cold reading classes. Private coaching available. All levels. Auditing permitted in scene study 3.0 only. Ongoing sessions for scene study and upper-level PDP; 16-week sessions (PDP 1.0 class); 12-week sessions (sketch performance, stand-up); 10-week sessions (Audition Boot Camp); 8-week sessions (improv), 4-week sessions (Fundamentals of Voice); 2-day sessions (Commercial Weekend Intensive).


Acting Technique/Scene Study, Audition Technique/Cold Reading


Founder and instructors are actors, writers, producers, and directors. Classes offered include scene study, on-camera auditioning, sketch performance, stand-up, improv, cold reading, and professional development (acting for film, filmmaking, and business plan development).