Robert Attermann, CEO

Brian Cho, COO

Neal Altman, Chief Managing Officer

Richard Fisher, Theatrical/Motion Pictures/TV

Paul Reisman, Theatrical/Motion Pictures/TV

Danielle Delawder, Theatrical/Motion Pictures/TV

Samantha Stoller, Theatrical/Motion Pictures/TV

Jake Attermann, Theatrical/Motion Pictures/TV

Justin Picca, Theatrical/Motion Pictures/TV

Victoria Kress, Children Theatrical/Motion Picture/TV

Jamie Pillet, Children Theatrical/Motion Picture/TV

Jerry Kallarakkal, On-Camera Commercial

Tabitha Diaz, On-Camera Commercial

Sara Wallach, Commercials, Endorsements, Voiceover and Print Division

Marcelle Dabbah, Commercials, Endorsements, Voiceover and Print Division

Billy Serow, Voiceover

Belle Kissinger, Voiceover

Keegan Monti-Kewley, Voiceover

Nic Frascino, Voiceover

Sarah L. Douglas, Co-Head, Literary

Charles Kopelman, Co-Head, Literary

Max Grossman, Literary

Ben Izzo, Literary

Katie Gamelli, Literary

Helen Schultz, Literary

Sara Barkan, Literary

Amy Wagner, Literary

Ron Gwiazda, Literary

Simon Green, Head, Book Division

David Doerrer, Book Division

Mark Turner, VP, Alternative Programming

Keith Bielory, Alternative Programming

Henry Gordon, Alternative Programming

Sophie Bressler, Alternative Programming

Samantha Schmidt, Alternative Programming

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Submission Policy:

No unsolicited submissions. Through agents and managers only. No calls. No drop-offs. See also listing under Los Angeles Talent Agencies.


Producers, Film & TV Actors, Theater Actors, Commercial Actors, Musical Theater Performers, Dancers & Choreographers, Voiceover Artists, Film & TV Editors, Directors, Production Designers, Sports Personalities, Martial Artists & Stunt Actors, Fashion & Runway Models, Book Authors, Screenwriters, Hosts & Spokespersons, Singers & Musicians, TV Writers, Broadcast Journalists & Newscasters, Comedians, Print Models, Speakers & Lecturers, Playwrights, Composers

Represents Ages: 0+


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