Abrams Artists Agency (Los Angeles)


Miles Lozano, Agent

Harry Abrams, Chairman/CEO

Neal Altman, COO

Robert Attermann, COO

Brian Cho, CFO

Lynda Dorf, Public Relations

Jeremy Apody, Head, Commercials/Youth Division

Pamela Fisher, Head, Youth Division/Motion Pictures/TV

Sharon Paz, Motion Pictures/TV

Justin Baxter, VP/Head of Motion Pictures/TV

Evan Miller, Motion Pictures/TV

Todd Eisner, Motion Pictures/TV

Matt Gogal , Motion Pictures/TV

Rob Cassandro, Motion Pictures/TV

Shawn Naim, Motion Pictures/TV

Kristin Nava, VP/Head Commercials

Elizabeth Warren, Commercials

Jennifer Hyde, Commercials

Melanie Thomas, Commercials/Voice Division

Dean Panaro, Commercials/Voice Division

Domina Holbeck, Youth Division/Motion Pictures/TV

Fatmata Kamara, Agent, Youth Theatrical

John Thompson, Office Manager

James Murray, Voiceover

Paul Wietzman, Literary

Brad Rosenfeld, Literary

Manal Hammad, Literary

Ryan Levee, Literary

Miles Lozano, Alternative Programming & Digital Media

Alec Shankman, SVP and Head of Alternative Programming, Digital Media, Licensing and Branding

Amanda Marzolf, Alternative Programming

Jade Sherman, VP, Digital Media

Melissa Demarco, Alternative Programming

Marienor Madrilejo, Alternative Programming

Derek Blum, Alternative Programming

Jared Thompson, Alternative Programming

Ryan Abelman, Legal Counsel

Alexis Cooper, Human Resources

Michael Brooks, Personal Appearances

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Submission Policy:

Headshot/resume by mail only. Attends showcases. Interviews by appointment only. No calls. No drop-offs.


Fashion & Runway Models, Martial Artists & Stunt Actors, Sports Personalities, Production Designers, Directors, Film & TV Editors, Voiceover Artists, Dancers & Choreographers, Music Editors & Producers, Musical Theater Performers, Commercial Actors, Theater Actors, Film & TV Actors, Book Authors, Producers, Screenwriters, Composers, Playwrights, Speakers & Lecturers, Print Models, Comedians, Broadcast Journalists & Newscasters, TV Writers, Singers & Musicians, Hosts & Spokespersons

Represents Ages: 0+


Also affiliated with NCOPM. See also listing under New York Talent Agencies.

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