AKA Talent Agency


Doug Ely, Owner/Agent, Commercial

Mike Abrams, Owner/Agent, Commercial

Pamela Porter, Owner/Agent, Commercial

Gregg A. Klein, President, Theatrical

Chip Hooley, Agent, Theatrical

Jeremy Jones, Director, Business & Affairs

David Stieve, Agent, Personal Appearances

Julie Fulop, Agent, Youth Theatrical Department Head

Kristin Malecki, Agent, Youth Commercial Department Head, Voiceover

Tiffany Treibel, Assistant, Youth Department

Courtney Washington, Assistant, Theatrical

Christopher Fierros, Assistant, Hosting/Personal Appearance

Noreen Konkle, Assistant, Commerical

Frank Smarba, Coordinator, Submissions

Gracie Mandel, Reception

Kerri Boyd, Agent, Hosting/Broadcasting

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Submission Policy:

Industry referral preferred. Unsolicited materials by mail only, will not be returned. Interviews by appointment only. No calls. No drop-offs.


Broadcast Journalists & Newscasters, Hosts & Spokespersons, Voiceover Artists, Commercial Actors, Theater Actors, Film & TV Actors

Represents Ages: 2-64

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