Creative Artists Agency (CAA)


Richard Lovett, President/Managing Partner

Rob Light, Head of Music Department, Managing Partner

Kevin Huvane, Motion Picture Talent, Managing Partner

Bryan Lourd, Motion Picture Talent, Managing Partner

David O'Connor, Motion Picture Literary, Managing Partner

Steven Lafferty, Head of Television, Managing Partner

Michael Mand, Head of Communications

Beth McClinton, Communications

Missy Davy, Communications

Lawrence Rubin, Creative Services

Sophie Phillips, Creative Services

Lee Donahoe, Creative Services

Zachary Nadler, Speakers

Amie Yavor, Speakers

Peter Jacobs, Speakers

Michelle Kydd Lee, CAA Foundation, Executive Director

Rachel Kropa, CAA Foundation

Darnell Strom, CAA Foundation

Natalie Tran, CAA Foundation

Judee Ann Williams, CAA Foundation

Ryan Tarpley, CAA Foundation

Jimmy Darmody, Co-Head, Motion Picture Talent

Jim Toth, Co-Head, Motion Picture Talent

Tracy Brennan, Co-Head, Motion Picture Talent

Joel Lubin, Co-Head, Motion Picture Talent

Shelsea Jacobs, Motion Picture Department

Ben Dey, Motion Picture Talent

Larry Galper, Motion Picture Talent

Matthew Del Piano, Motion Picture Talent

Jeremy Plager, Motion Picture Talent

Rick Kurtzman, Motion Picture Talent

Fred Specktor, Motion Picture Talent

Michael Cooper, Motion Picture Talent

Tony Etz, Motion Picture Talent

Bryan O'Guin, Motion Picture Talent

Peter Levine, Motion Picture Talent

Zach Kaplan, Motion Picture Talent

Mick Sullivan, Motion Picture Talent

Nick Styne, Motion Picture Talent

Hylda Queally, Motion Picture Talent

David Bugliari, Motion Picture Talent

Michael Kives, Motion Picture Talent

Chris Andrews, Motion Picture Talent

Jack Whigham, Motion Picture Talent

Thao Nguyen, Motion Picture Talent

Josh Lieberman, Motion Picture Talent

Jaime Feld, Motion Picture Talent

Ryan Heck, Motion Picture Talent

Megan Crawford, Motion Picture, Marketing

Marissa Garcia, Motion Picture, Marketing

Steven Brookman, Co-Head, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Matthew Leaf, Co-Head, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Eileen Rapke, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Keith Sears, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Glen Meredith, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Marc Von Arx, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Joanna Mulas, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Roger Batchelder, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Jenna Gambaro, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Fred Gauthier, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Wendy Schneider-Nogradi, Motion Picture, Business Affairs

Risa Gertner, Co-Head, Motion Picture Literary

Todd Feldman, Co-Head, Motion Picture Literary

Nancy Chou, Motion Picture Literary

Elizabeth Swofford, Motion Picture Literary

John Campisi, Motion Picture Literary

Scott Greenberg, Motion Picture Literary

Dan Rabinow, Motion Picture Literary

Carin Sage, Motion Picture Literary

Jon Levin, Motion Picture Literary

Brian Siberell, Motion Picture Literary

Rowena Arguelles, Motion Picture Literary

Jacqueline Sacerio, Motion Picture Literary

John Garvey, Motion Picture Literary

David Kopple, Motion Picture Literary

Craig Gering, Motion Picture Literary

Sue Carls, Motion Picture Literary

Pete Stein, Motion Picture Literary

Jay Baker, Motion Picture Literary

Brian Kend, Motion Picture Literary

Jelani Johnson, Motion Picture Literary

Maha Dakhil, Motion Picture Literary

Christopher Lawson, Motion Picture Literary

J.P. Evans, Motion Picture Literary

Billy Hawkins, Motion Picture Literary

Matthew Snyder, Motion Picture Literary, Books

Michelle Weiner, Motion Picture Literary/Books

Cathy Tarr, Motion Picture Literary, Story

Rick Hess, Co-Head, Film Finance

Roeg Sutherland, Co-Head, Film Finance

Micah Green, Co-Head, Film Finance

Laura Walker, Motion Picture, Film Finance

Ben Kramer, Motion Picture, Film Finance

Seamus Blackley, Games

Greg Essig, Games

Ophir Lupu, Games

Sonya Rosenfeld, Head, TV Literary

Adam Berkowitz, Co-Head, TV Packaging

Chris Harbert, Co-Head, TV Packaging

Ted Miller, TV

Alan Braun, TV

Brett Loncar, TV

Kathy White, TV

Joseph Cohen, TV

Christina Kuo, TV

Alix Hartley, TV

Daniel Grover, TV

Renee Kurtz, TV

Jeffrey Jacobs, TV

Hans Schiff, TV

Elizabeth Newman, TV

Steven Huerta, TV

Steve Smooke, TV

Ashley Davis, TV

Barry Kotler, TV

Becky Sendrow, TV

Bruce Vinokour, TV

Chris Simonian, TV

Nancy Jones, TV

Brian Pike, TV

Andy Stabile, TV

Kevin Cooper, TV

Peter Micelli, TV

Michael Rosenfeld, TV Lierary

Ann Blanchard, TV

Rob Kenneally, TV Packaging

Alan Berger, TV

Michael Katcher, TV

Andrew Miller, TV

Tiffany Ward, TV

Andy Elkin, TV Literary

Rick Lefitz, TV Literary

Pierre Brogan, TV

Janine Argiriou, TV

Tom Young, TV

Grant Kessman, TV

Nancy Etz, TV

Bill Zotti, TV

Rosanna Bilow, TV

Frank Jung, TV

Ryan Ly, TV

Sara Malek, TV

Raj Raghavan, TV

Jonathan Swaden, TV

Jon Ringquist, TV, Business Affairs

Gregory Pulis, TV, Business Affairs

Mitch Rose, Head, Music

David Klein, Music

Pam Klier, Music

Lucy Kozak, Music, Marketing

Kyle Wilensky, Music

Ryan Harlacher, Music

Brian Loucks, Music

Brian Greenbaum, Music

Glenn Miller, Music

Carole Kinzel, Music

Rick Roskin, Music

Erin Culley, Music

Jenna Adler, Music

Darryl Eaton, Music

Christopher Dalston, Music

Robert Norman, Music

Brett Steinberg, Music

Stephanie Langs, Music

Tom Worcester, Music, Comedy Touring

Brandon Takata, Music, Comedy Touring

Jim Butler, Music

Marlene Tsuchii, Music

Allison McGregor, Music

Jeff Frasco, Music

Kevin Gelbard, Music

LaPrial Runkel, Music

Christine Belden, Music

Jbeau Lewis, Music

Andrew Simon, Music

Matt Blake, Music, Comedy Touring

Harold Froget, Music

Randy Salcedo, Music

Andy Cook, Music (London)

Jake Leighton-Pope, Music (London)

Jeff Krones, Music (London)

Summer Marshall, Music (London)

Caroline Reason, Music (London)

Paul Fitzgerald, Music (London)

Georgia Spencer Holmes, Music (London)

Paul Franklin, Music (London)

Nigel Hassler, Music (London)

Emma Banks, Music (London)

Mike Greek, Music (London)

Rebecca Wedlake, Music (London)

Paul Wilson, Music (London)

Raffaella Braun, Music (Nashville)

Matthew Morgan, Music (Nashville)

Charles Phillips, Music (Nashville)

Brett Saliba, Music (Nashville)

Laura Hutfless, Music (Nashville)

Sabrina Butera, Music (Nashville)

Sam Forbert, Music (Nashville)

Tim Beeding, Music (Nashville)

Tony Johnsen, Music (Nashville)

Marc Dennis, Music (Nashville)

Blake McDaniel, Music (Nashville)

Angie Rho, Music, Business Affairs

Howard Nuchow, Co-Head, CAA Sports

Bob Kain, CAA Sports

Brett Ehrlich, CAA Sports

Peter Kenyon, CAA Sports (London)

Lloyd Frischer, CAA Sports

Chris Woerts, CAA Sports (London)

Justin Castillo, CAA Sports

Lis Rudnay, CAA Sports

Peter Draper, CAA Sports (London)

Greg Luckman, CAA Sports

Gabe Kleinman, CAA Sports

David Rone, CAA Sports

Nez Balelo, CAA Baseball

Jeff Berry, CAA Baseball

Greg Landry, CAA Baseball

Joe Urbon, CAA Baseball

Brodie Van Wagenen, CAA Baseball

Tom Hagan, CAA Baseball

Henry Thomas, CAA Basketball

Leon Rose, CAA Basketball

Tom Condon, CAA Football

Ken Kremer, CAA Football

Ben Dogra, CAA Football

Jim Steiner, CAA Football

Michael Rielly, CAA Golf

Andy Pierce, CAA Golf

J.P. Barry, CAA Hockey

Pat Brisson, CAA Hockey

Rick Lucas, Endorsement, Sponsorship, Commercials

Steven Lashever, Endorsement, Sponsorship, Commercials

Jim Nicolay, Endorsement, Sponsorship, Commercials

Christian Carino, Endorsement, Sponsorship, Commercials

Stephanie Paciullo, Endorsement, Sponsorship, Commercials

David Messinger, Co-Head, Marketing

Jae Goodman, Co-Head of CAA Marketing

Will Hobbs, Marketing

Ben James, Marketing

Sandra Kang, Marketing

Michael Matsumoto, Marketing

Ned McNeilage, Marketing

Matt Rotondo, Marketing

Jay Brooker, Marketing

Ari Avishay, Marketing

Todd Hunter, Marketing

Lori Tabb, Marketing

Mark Shambura, Marketing

Haeran Park, Marketing

John Kaplan, Marketing

Jesse Coulter, Marketing

Michael Yanover, Head, Business Development

Craig Vaughan, Business Development

Caleb Franklin, Business Development

Adam Devejian, Business Development

Nathan Coyle, Business Development

Brian Weinstein, Business Development

Matt Mazzeo, Business Development

Michael Stein, Co-Head, Licensing

Dana Smith, Co-Head, Licensing

Heather Kamins, Lifestyle/Licensing

Alice Ann Wilson, Lifestyle/Licensing

Andrew Saunders, Lifestyle/Licensing

Rick Marroquínto, Lifestyle/Licensing

Christy Haubegger, Lifestyle/Licensing

Lisa Shotland, Lifestyle/Licensing

Adam Biren, TV Lit

Tera Hanks, Lifestyle/Licensing

John Frierson, Lifestyle/Licensing

Andrea Wade, Lifestyle/Licensing

Ian White, Lifestyle/Licensing

Joe Kessler, Head, The Intelligence Group

Tristan Coopersmith, Marketing, The Intelligence Group

Joe Della Rossa, Film Finance & Sales

Luke Rodgers, Film Finance & Sales

Ryan Vogt, Licensing

Monique Francis, Marketing

Amanda Jimenez, Marketing

Justin Cahill, Music Department (Nashville)

Hong Xiang Cui, China

Bo Liang, China

Xiaoyan Sun, China

Yang Zhan, China

Peter Loehr, China

Jonah Greenberg, China

Jessica Chen, China

Dong Hui Wang, China

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Industry referral only. No unsolicited submissions. No calls. No drop-offs.


Producers, Book Authors, Sports Personalities, Directors, Voiceover Artists, Music Editors & Producers, Musical Theater Performers, Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors, Screenwriters, Hosts & Spokespersons, Composers, Playwrights, Speakers & Lecturers, Comedians, Broadcast Journalists & Newscasters, TV Writers

Represents Ages: 18-64


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