ICM Partners


Chris Silbermann, Partner

Steve Alexander, Partner, Talent

Dennis Ashley, Partner, Concerts

Dan Baime, Partner, Motion Picture Production

Lorrie Bartlett, Partner & Co-Head of Talent

John Burnham, Partner, Motion Picture Literary/Talent

Ted Chervin, Partner, Television Literary

Carter Cohn, Partner, Talent

Harley Copen, Partner, Co-Head of Motion Picture Literary

Kevin Crotty, Partner

Sean Freidin, Partner & Co-Head of Television Production

Robert Gibbs, Partner, Concerts

Carol Goll, Partner & Head of Global Branded Entertainment

Hildy Gottlieb, Partner, Talent

Paul Hook, Partner & Head of Motion Picture Production

Toni Howard, Partner, Talent

Chuck James, Partner, Talent

Doug Johnson, Partner, Motion Picture Literary

Michael Kagan, Partner & Head of International Television & Media

Jessica Lacy, Partner & Head of Motion Picture International

Steve Levine, Partner & Co-Head Music, Concerts

Rick Levy, Partner & General Counsel

Doug MacLaren, Partner & Co-Head of Motion Picture Literary

Spencer Baumgarten, Partner, Motion Picture Literary

Brian Mann, Partner, Talent

Dan Norton, Partner, Television Literary

Janet Carol Norton, Partner & Co-Head of Television Production

Rob Prinz, Partner & Co-Head of Music, Concerts

Dar Rollins, Partner & Co-Head of Talent

Chris Smith, Partner, Concerts

Pete Stone, Partner, Television Literary

Chris von Goetz, Partner, Television Literary

Joanne Wiles, Partner, Talent

Hrishi Desai, Partner, Lit

Adam Ginvisian, Partner, Comedy/Concerts

Scott Mantell, Partner, Concerts/International

Kathleen Remington, Partner, Lit

Lara Sackett, Physical Production

Eddy Yablans, Partner, Talent

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Submission Policy:

Industry referral only. No unsolicited submissions. No calls. No drop-offs.


Screenwriters, Film & TV Actors, Commercial Actors, Musical Theater Performers, Music Editors & Producers, Variety Artists & Specialty Acts, Film & TV Editors, Directors, Production Designers, Sports Personalities, Book Authors, Producers, Interactive Game Developers, Hosts & Spokespersons, Singers & Musicians, TV Writers, Broadcast Journalists & Newscasters, Cinematographers, Comedians, Playwrights, Composers

Represents Ages: 2+


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