Independent Talent Group


Duncan Heath, Chairman/Talent and Literary Agent

Paul Lyon-Maris, Co-Chairman/Talent and Literary Agent

Lyndsey Posner, Managing Director

Sally Long-Innes, Managing Director/Talent Agent

Lizzie Newell, Talent Agent

Giacomo Palazzo, Talent Agent

Deborah Willey, Talent Agent

Will Hollinshead, Talent Agent

Jane Epstein, Talent Agent

Sarah Camlett, Talent Agent

Samira Higham, Talent Agent

Claire Maroussas, Talent Agent

Oliver Slinger, Talent Agent

Nick Forgacs, Talent Agent

Deborah Willey, Talent Agent

Roxana Adle, Literary Agent

Jennie Miller, Literary Agent

Humphrey Ellis Hill, Literary Agent

Laura Rourke, Literary Agent

Greg Hunt, Literary Agent

Cathy King, Literary Agent

Michael McCoy, Literary Agent

Sue Rodgers, Literary Agent

Paul Stevens, Literary Agent

Jessica Sykes, Literary Agent

Hugo Young, Literary Agent

Jack Thomas, Literary Agent

Laura Hill, Presenters Agent

Jessica Stone, Presenters Agent

Louise Owen, Commercials Agent

Sue Greenleaves, Production Agent

Chris Smith, Production Agent

Vanessa Jones, Production Agent

Rachael Taylor, Production Agent

Sara Elleman, Voiceover Agent

Susan Barritt, Voiceover Agent

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TV Writers, Producers, Directors, Voiceover Artists, Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors

Represents Ages: 18+


Also represents below the line professionals.