WME (Los Angeles)


Jason Lublin, COO

Carole Katz, Head, Human Resources

Christian Muirhead, Head, Corporate Communications

Patrick Whitesell, Head, Talent

Brandt Joel, Head, Talent

Andrew Dunlap, Talent

Andrew Finkelstein, Talent

Annabel Gualazzi, Talent

Katrina Lebedeva, Talent

Brian Clisham, Talent

Jessica Kovacevic, Talent

Duncan Millership, Talent

James Farrell, Talent

Shawn McDonald, Talent

Warren Zavala, Talent

Gaby Morgerman, Talent

George Freeman, Talent

Scott Henderson, Talent

Esther Chang, Talent

Brad Slater, Talent

Brian DePersia, Talent

Sara Newkirk, Talent

Phillip Sun, Talent

Michelle Bohan, Talent

Elyse Scherz, Talent

Sharon Jackson, Talent

Megan Silverman, Talent

Hanley Baxter, Talent

Jonathan Bluman, Talent

Brandon Liebman, Talent

Douglas Lucterhand, Talent

Boomer Malkin, Talent

Brent Morley, Talent

Stephanie Ritz, Talent

Nick Stevens, Talent

Andrew Weitz, Talent

Sean Grumman, TV

Collin Reno, Head, Nonscripted TV

Lance Klein, Head, Nonscripted TV

Sean Perry, Head, Nonscripted TV

Eric Rovner, Nonscripted TV

Justin Ongert, Nonscripted TV

Lee White, Nonscripted TV

Jad Dayeh, Nonscripted TV

Everett "EJ" Johnson, Nonscripted TV

Ryan McNeily, Nonscripted TV

Laurie Pozmantier, Nonscripted TV

Evan Warner, Nonscripted TV

Joshua Pyatt, Nonscripted TV

Adam Gelvan, Nonscripted TV

Matthew Saul, Nonscripted TV

Amir Shahkhalili, Nonscripted TV

David Sherman, Nonscripted TV

Ivo Fischer, Nonscripted TV

Amanda Kogan, Nonscripted TV

Ariel Emanuel, Head, TV Literary

Ari Greenburg, Head, TV Literary

Rick Rosen, Head, TV Literary

Richard Weitz, Head, TV Literary

Alec Botnick, TV Literary

Jordan Cerf, TV Literary

Ryan Drazin, TV Literary

Norman Brokaw, TV Literary

Lauren Heller Whitney, TV Literary

Cori Wellins, TV Literary

Blake Fronstin, TV Literary

David Stone, TV Literary

Paul Haas, TV Literary

Greg Hodes, TV Literary

Nancy Josephson, TV Literary

Marc Korman, TV Literary

Matt Solo, TV Literary

Zachary Druker, TV Literary

Lindsay Dunn, TV Literary

Lisa Harrison, TV Literary

Theresa Kang, TV Literary

Melissa Myers, TV Literary

Scott Seidel, TV Literary

Thomas Wellington, TV Literary

Dan Aloni, Head, Motion Pictures

Danny Greenberg, Head, Motion Pictures

David Wirtschafter, Head, Motion Pictures

Jason Spitz, Head, Motion Pictures

Simon Faber, Motion Pictures

Sarah Self, Motion Pictures

Daniel Cohan, Motion Pictures

Roger Green, Motion Pictures

Alex Yaracian, Executive, Research

Mike Simpson, Motion Pictures

Rob Carlson, Motion Pictures

David Lubliner, Motion Pictures

Charles King, Motion Pictures

Jeff Gorin, Motion Pictures

Cliff Roberts, Motion Pictures

Craig Kestel, Motion Pictures

Kimberly Bialek, Motion Pictures

Adriana Alberghetti, Motion Pictures

Robert Newman, Motion Pictures

Philip Raskind, Motion Pictures

Rich Cook, Motion Pictures

Philip d'Amecourt, Motion Pictures

Elia Infascelli-Smith, Motion Pictures

David Karp, Motion Pictures

Alicia Gordon, Head, Literary

Erin Conroy, Literary

Ashley Fox, Literary

Anna DeRoy, Literary

Eric Reid, Literary

Shari Shankewitz, Production

Jasan Pagni, Production

Holly Jeter, Production

Stacey Karp, Production

Devin Mann, Production

Graham Taylor, Head, WME Global Finance & Distribution Group

Deb McIntosh, WME Global Finance & Distribution Group

Chris Rice, WME Global Finance & Distribution Group

Jerome Duboz, WME Global Finance & Distribution Group

Mark Ankner, WME Global Finance & Distribution Group

Liesl Copland, WME Global Finance & Distribution Group

Alexis Garcia, WME Global Finance & Distribution Group

Jessica Thomas, Head, Commercials

Mari Cardoos, Commercials

Izzy Arias, Commercials

Jamie O'Hara, Commercials

Rob Koslowsky, Commercials

Tim Curtis, Commercials

Brooke Slavik Jung, Commercials

Todd Jacobs, Commercials

Katie Krell Slater, Commercials

Will Ward, Commercials

Erik Seastrand, Voiceover

Jill Smoller, Sports & Entertainment

Marc Geiger, Department Head, Personal Appearance

Jay Byrd, Personal Appearance

Benjamin Scales, Personal Appearance

Silvio Lund, Personal Appearance

Joel Zimmerman, Personal Appearance

Brodie Becker, Personal Appearance

Mara Jacob, Personal Appearance

Mike Rosenfeld, Personal Appearance

Jonas Schumann, Personal Appearance

Doug Singer, Personal Appearance

Peter Wiederlight, Personal Appearance

Katie Vaughn, Personal Appearance

Robbie Brown, Personal Appearance

Cindy Agi, Personal Appearance

Julie Colbert, Personal Appearance

John Branigan, Personal Appearance

Chris Burke, Personal Appearance

Robby Fraser, Personal Appearance

Tony Goldring, Personal Appearance

Bradley Goodman, Personal Appearance

Rob Heller, Personal Appearance

Gayle Holcomb, Personal Appearance

David Levine, Personal Appearance

Stacy Mark, Personal Appearance

John Marx, Personal Appearance

Clint Mitchell, Personal Appearance

Ron Opaleski, Personal Appearance

Akiko Rogers, Personal Appearance

Keith Sarkisian, Personal Appearance

Brent Smith, Personal Appearance

Brian Edelman, Personal Appearance

Michele Bernstein, Personal Appearance

Kirk Sommer, Personal Appearance

Rob Markus, Personal Appearance

Brian Ahern, Personal Appearance

Brian Cohen, Personal Appearance

Don Muller, Personal Appearance

Dave Tamaroff, Personal Appearance

Amos Newman, Music/Film/TV/Gaming/Mobile Integration

Chris Jacquemin, Digital Media

Tom McGuire, General Counsel

Catherine Sugar, Head, Business Affairs

Courtney Braun, Business Affairs

David Harris, Business Affairs

Dan LImerick, TV Business Affairs

Berkeley Reinhold, Business Affairs

June Horton, Business Affairs

Angela Petillo, Business Affairs

Mary Harding, Business Affairs

Sherry Hines, Business Affairs

Ann Du Val, Business Affairs

Deb Shuwarger, Business Affairs

Vikki Karan, Business Affairs

Nick Wilson, Head, IT

Keith Friedenberg, Head, Research

Kyle Bandler, Agent, Personal Appearances

Dana Harris, Agent, Motion Picture Literary

Grant Illes, Agent, Production

Jenni Levine, Agent, Commercials & Endorsements

Cristina Lynch, Agent, Personal Appearances

Erin O'Brien, Agent, Commercials & Endorsements

Meyash Prabhu, Agent, Motion Picture Literary

Meredith Wechter, Agent

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Submission Policy:

Industry referral only. No unsolicited submissions of any kind. No calls. No drop-offs.


Screenwriters, Producers, Book Authors, Sports Personalities, Directors, Voiceover Artists, Variety Artists & Specialty Acts, Dancers & Choreographers, Musical Theater Performers, Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors, Interactive Game Developers, Hosts & Spokespersons, Composers, Playwrights, Speakers & Lecturers, Comedians, Broadcast Journalists & Newscasters, TV Writers, Singers & Musicians

Represents Ages: 18+


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