WME (Los Angeles)


Peter Dunn, Agent, Literary Packaging

Ari Greenburg, President

Richard Weitz, Co-Chairman

Christian Muirhead, Co-Chairman (NY)

Dan Limerick, COO

Michelle Walter, CFO

Miri Stucker, VP, Human Resources

Patrick Whitesell, Executive Chairman

Kim Ulrich, Executive VP, Business Operations

Marie Sheehy, Head of Corporate Communications

Ginger Chan, Chief Marketing Officer

Chandler Atterberry, Agent

Julia Colares, Agent

Dahbin Han, Agent

Zachary Jayson, Agent

Nat Wyatt, Agent

Sophia Heslov, Agent, Non-Scripted Department

Jackie Maldonado, Agent, Non-Scripted Department

Lindsey Leino, Agent, Brand Partnerships

Max Rudman, Agent, Brand Partnerships

Alex Kane, Agent, Books

Maddie Neil, Agent, Film Sales & Financing (WME Independent)

Jonah Rabb, Agent, Film Sales & Financing (WME Independent)

Peter Dunn, Agent, Literary Packaging

Umer Durrani, Agent, Digital

Max West, Agent, Motion Picture Literary

Preston Gittelson, Agent (WME Sports)

Cecilia Yao, Agent, Music

Carly Huffman, Agent, Music

Sean McHugh, Agent, Music

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Submission Policy:

Industry referral only. No unsolicited submissions of any kind. No calls. No drop-offs.


Interactive Game Developers, Film & TV Actors, Commercial Actors, Musical Theater Performers, Dancers & Choreographers, Variety Artists & Specialty Acts, Voiceover Artists, Directors, Sports Personalities, Book Authors, Producers, Screenwriters, Hosts & Spokespersons, Singers & Musicians, TV Writers, Broadcast Journalists & Newscasters, Comedians, Speakers & Lecturers, Playwrights, Composers

Represents Ages: 18+


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