WME (New York)


Jim Ornstein, Talent

Danie Streisand, Talent

Brian Swardstrom, Talent

Jason Hodes, TV, Cable Packaging

Erin Junkin, TV Literary

Henry Reisch, TV, News

Ken Slotnick, TV, News

Jonathan Rosen, Co-Head, Nonscripted TV/Head, East Coast TV

Scott Wachs, Nonscripted TV

Mark Mullett, Nonscripted TV

Josh Bider, Nonscripted TV

Suzanne Lyon, Nonscripted TV

Benjamin Simone, Nonscripted TV

Meghan Mackenzie, Nonscripted TV

Henry Reisch, Nonscripted TV

Ken DiCamillo, Head, Personal Appearance

Peter Nash, Personal Appearance

Sam Kirby, Personal Appearance

Seth Seigle, Personal Appearance

Bethany Dick, Personal Appearances/Lectures

Joe Brauner, Personal Appearance

Suzanne Gluck, Co-Head, Literary

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, Co-Head, Literary

Mel Berger, Literary

Tracy Fisher, Literary

Jay Mandel, Literary

Andy McNicol, Literary

Dorian Karchmar-Kotzin, Literary

Bill Clegg, Literary

Erin Malone, Literary

Eric Lupfer, Literary

Michelle Feehan, Literary

Eric Simonoff, Literary

Laura Bonner, Literary

Kirby Kim, Literary

Raffaella De Angelis, Literary

Claudia Ballard, Literary

Mira Yong, Literary

Margaret Riley, Literary

Tina Bennett, Literary

John Buzzetti, Head, Theater

Susan Weaving, Theater

Derek Zasky, Theater

David Kalodner, Theater

Jonathan Lomma, Theater

Scott Chaloff, Theater

Jeff Googel, Commercials

Strand Conover, Commercials

Miles Gidaly, Commericals

Jeff Lesh, Lectures

Theresa Brown, Lectures (Washington, DC)

Don Aslan, Business Affairs

Eric Zohn, Business Affairs

Alicia Everett, Business Affairs

Amy Hasselbeck, Business Affairs

Lori Odierno, Business Affairs

Jeff Meade, Human Resources

Jared Sheer, Agent, Talent

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Submission Policy:

Industry referral only. No unsolicited submissions of any kind. No calls. No drop-offs.


Producers, Book Authors, Sports Personalities, Directors, Voiceover Artists, Variety Artists & Specialty Acts, Dancers & Choreographers, Musical Theater Performers, Film & TV Actors, Screenwriters, Hosts & Spokespersons, TV Writers, Composers, Playwrights, Speakers & Lecturers, Comedians, Broadcast Journalists & Newscasters

Represents Ages: 18+


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