Writers House


Al Zuckerman, Chairman

Amy Berkower, President

Merrilee Heifetz, Executive VP

Susan Cohen, Sr. Agent, Juvenile/Young Adults

Steven Malk, Sr. Agent, Juvenile/Young Adult (San Diego)

Michele Rubin, Sr. Agent

Susan Ginsburg, Sr. Agent

Robin Rue, Sr. Agent

Simon Lipskar, Sr. Agent

Jodi Reamer, Sr. Agent

Daniel Lazar, Agent

Rebecca Sherman, Agent

Kenneth Wright, Agent

Dan Conaway, Agent

Leigh Feldman, Agent

Maja Nikolic, Director, Foreign Rights

Cecilia de la Campa, Audio Rights/Juvenile Foreign Rights

Maria Aughavin, Treasurer

Al Araneo, Contracts Manager

Stephen Barr, Assistant to Daniel Lazar & Dan Conaway

Jenna Shaw, Assistant to Rebecca Sherman & Kenneth Wright

Chelsey Heller, Assistant to Maja Nikolic

Caitlin Ellis, Assistant to Maja Nikolic

Mickey Novack, Assistant to Al Zuckerman

Liz Ursuriello, Assistant to Amy Berkower

Brianne Johnson, Assistant to Susan Cohen

Katie Zanecchia, Assistant to Simon Lipskar

Kristy King, Assistant to Steven Malk

Alec Shane, Assistant to Jodi Reamer

Beth Miller, Assistant to Robin Rue

Stacy Testa, Assistant to Susan Ginsburg

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