ABC Entertainment Casting (Los Angeles)


Ayo Davis, Executive VP, Talent & Casting

Jonathan Bluman, VP, Casting

Claudia Lyon, VP, Casting (ABC Studios)

John Villacorta, VP, Casting

Brenda Kelly Grant, VP, Casting

Peachy Pascual, Director, Casting

Jessie Disla, Director, Casting

Emily DesHotel, Director, Casting

Patricia Yuen Kern, Manager, Casting

Dana Pine, Coordinator, Casting

Jennifer Leevan, Executive Assistant to Ayo Davis

Evan Jennings, Assistant to Brenda Kelly Grant

Tammy Bokal, Assistant to Claudia Lyon

Aaron Testa, Assistant to John Villacorta

Tselane Prescott, Assistant to Jonathan Bluman

Tyler Thompson, Assistant to Peachy Pascual and Jessie Disla

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