ABC Entertainment Network Casting (Los Angeles)


Ayo Davis, EVP, Talent & Casting

John Villacorta, SVP, Talent & Casting

Brenda Kelly, VP, Casting

Emily DesHotel, Executive Director, Casting

Kendra Patterson Heintz, Director, Casting

Patricia Yuen, Director, Casting

Aaron Testa, Manager, Casting

Alexandra Safavi, Coordinator, Casting

Margaret Kelly, Assistant to Emily DesHotel & Patricia Yuen

Shareena Young, Coordinator, Casting

Tselané Prescott, Assistant to John Villacorta

Byron Williams, Assistant to Brenda Kelly Grant

Janelle Junio, Assistant to Kendra Patterson Heintz

Samantha Miller, Assistant to Emily DesHotel and Patricia Yuen

Lhani Jamison, Executive Assistant to Ayo Davis

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