Case Western Reserve University


Deborah 5. Hamilton, Departmental Administrative Assistant

Submission Policy:

BA or MA in acting, theater, or dance. MFA in theater and theater acting. Scholarships and financial aid available.


Theater Acting, Theater




The Department of Theater at Case Western Reserve University is one of the first academic theater programs in the United States, founded in the 1930s by Barclay Leathem. The department is strongly committed to educating students in the art and technique of theater, developing artists who have a mastery of craft, breadth of vision, and liveliness of thought.

The liberal arts education offers Bachelor of Arts students a strong preparation for careers in the performing arts, and also in a variety of fields where interdisciplinary, collaboration, and critical thinking are key components, while the Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts programs prepare students to become esteemed artists and leaders in their respective professional worlds.

The department takes great pride in their contributions to the university community as well as the local, national, and international artistic communities. These contributions include on-going efforts to develop knowledgeable, articulate, responsive audiences for drama, and for the arts in general; to place before audiences a rich diversity of cultures, beliefs, and aesthetics; and to provide a stimulating and collaborative environment for the faculty and the students of the program to develop together as artists, scholars, teachers, and learners.