New York Film Academy South Beach


Maylen Dominguez, Dean

Gil Matos, Admissions Director

Submission Policy:

BFA Acting for Film, BFA Filmmaking, MFA Acting for Film, and MFA Filmmaking. Varies depending on program. Auditions and portfolios are required for admission.


Film Acting, Filmmaking




New York Film Academy South Beach (Miami) offers an education in film and acting unlike any other film schools in Florida- for a new generation of storytellers who are passionate visual and performing artists learning in a hands-on, intensive environment. Students operate industry-standard equipment and software while working in professional facilities, under the guidance of an award-winning faculty who remain active in their field. The South Beach student body is extremely diverse and students study with classmates that come from all around the world, further enriching each student’s education. School offers a variety of short-term workshops and full college degree programs in acting and filmmaking.