American Golden Picture International Film Festival


Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, President/Founder

Rozina Behrooz, Programmer

Submission Policy:

Festival Season: Spring (usually April)

Deadline: March

Entry: $30 for features, narrative, animation, and documentary. $25 for shorts, documentary, narrative, and animation, music videos, First Time Filmmaking category, quarantine films, screenplays, directing, cinematography, best composing, best actor/supporting actor, best actress/supporting actress, best editing, and best sound. $20 for trailers. $15 best film and best poster. Gold members receive $3 discount.


Features, Shorts, Music Videos, Documentaries

Festival Season:



The American Golden Picture International Film Festival is a yearly event structured in monthly contests. The physical live screening of the festival happens once a year with a public award ceremony. Judges each month will select the films, give the best an award, then for the yearly screening they will choose the best of the best among all the monthly winners for the annual live screening. Due to the company's special programming system, there is a chance for the filmmakers to win in one of the monthly competitions and then automatically participate in the yearly competition to win and receive the annual award.
The American Golden Picture Film Festival celebrates the best that cinema has to offer, showcasing films from talented filmmakers and emerging storytellers. The festival welcomes films from around the world and offers an impressive selection of competitive programming.