Burbank International Film Festival


Kurt Patino, President/Festival Director



Submission Policy:

Festival Season: Fall (Sept. 21-24, 2023)

Deadline: November-April (see website for exact dates)

Entry: $75 for features. $60 for screenplays. $55 for shorts. $40 for student films. Free for students based in California aged 7-17 years old.


Features, Shorts, Documentaries

Festival Season:



Mission is to promote and support inclusive and culturally-diverse perspectives and content. With constantly changing technology, bringing new opportunities to unique stories, honoring independent filmmakers, and providing a platform for appreciative and informed discussion of that work. BIFF continues to cultivate independent film, to create, develop, discover, and celebrate extraordinary filmmaking from around the world. BIFF sets a standard for excellence and recognizes the important work of emerging talent to not only provide a gateway to expand careers in the entertainment industry, but to help filmmakers with funding and distribution for cinematic art.

The Burbank International Film Festival is a California non-profit organization operating as a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt corporation. The Burbank International Film Festival (BIFF) Advisory Board and Board of Directors is comprised of talented industry professionals and production executives who work within the studio system. Festival judges, screening committees, and even many volunteers are respected professionals in the motion picture and television industry. BIFF offers over 30 awards in a variety of categories, with special awards honoring inclusion, social awareness, and diversity.