Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival


Bears Fonte, Director, Programming

Don Elfant, Director, Marketing & Development

Jordan Brown, Programmer/Director, Submissions

Debbie Cerda, Programmer/Director, Outreach

Courtney Hazlett, Programming/Director, Operations

Kelsey Hockmuller, Programmer/Coordinator, Creative Personnel

Reid Lansford, Programmer/Director, Registration

Dan Repp, Programmer/Event Coordinator

Michael Thielvoldt, Programmer/Tour Director

Gemmi Galactic, Director, Social Media

Mark Martinez, Director, Social Media

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Submission Policy:

Festival Season: Winter (usually December)

Deadline: July (check website for exact dates)

Entry: $45 for features. $35 for shorts and fan films. Fees vary depending on deadline. Accepts SciFi features, shorts, and fan films.


Features, Shorts

Festival Season:



Other Worlds Austin is dedicated to bringing the best of SciFi to Austin, Texas. The festival programming team looks past budgets or the Hollywood push to find great stories and give them an Austin premiere. In addition to its year ‘round programming, the festival takes place annually in December.