Screaming Ostrich International Film Festival


Paul Ablin, Festival Director



Submission Policy:

Festival Season: Fall (October)

Deadline: June (median deadline, check website for exact dates)

Entry: $5 for film trailers (Under 2 minutes), and special "bad movie" category (under 10 minutes). $15 for nano-shorts (under 5 minutes), music videos, internet content, no-budget films, student films, and animation and art. $16 for micro-shorts (under 10 minutes). $18 for mini-shorts (under 15 minutes). $22 for shorts (under 25 minutes). $28 for filmmakers over 40 years old. $30 for academy shorts (under 40 minutes) and short screenplay competition (under 41 pages). $40 for feature length screenplays (over 50 pages).


Features, Shorts, Web Series, Music Videos, Documentaries

Festival Season:



Mission: To give a voice to the voiceless by providing an audience for unknown artists & important works, removing barriers for those seeking to enter the media as well as celebrating artists who prefer to remain outside the mainstream.