SEEfest - South East European Film Festival


Vera Mijojlic, Artistic Director

Chantal Chauzy, Program Advisor

Denny Dugally, Feature Programmer

Michael Pardy, Documentary Programmer

Tara Karajica, Shorts Programmer

Denise Wakeman, Digital Marketing

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Submission Policy:

Festival Season: Spring (April-May)

Deadline: Feb. (see website for additional deadlines)

Entry: $20-$65 for features, documentaries, and shorts from and around South East Europe. Fees can vary. Also accepts animation. DCP. ProRes.


Features, Shorts, Documentaries

Festival Season:



SEEfest, founded in 2006, is a competition festival devoted to the presentation of
cinematic and cultural diversity of South East Europe to American audiences,
creating cultural connections through films, artistic, and social events. Additional
September-April activities include special screenings, panels, art salons, writers
labs, workshops, and retrospectives.