The Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival


Halfdan Hussey, CEO/Co-Founder

Kathleen J. Powell, President/Co-Founder

Angela Ostermeier, VP, Development/Screenplay Manager/Producer

Submission Policy:

Festival Season: Spring (usually March)

Deadline: November (check website for exact dates)

Entry: $50 for features; $40 for shorts; $30 for high school filmmakers. Fees vary depending on deadline. Screenplay competition also, inquire at


Features, Shorts, Documentaries

Festival Season:



Cinequest fuses innovation with the arts to empower great creations that engage audiences, youth, artists, and innovators with creations and with each other—forging community, joy, and the future. Set in Silicon Valley, Cinequest’s unique nature, impact, and legacy result from applying this powerful integration of creativity, technology, and community to inspire and transform lives. Cinequest does this through the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, Mavericks Studio, and Picture The Possibilities youth services.