WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival


Hunter Todd, Chairman/Executive Director

Kathleen Haney, Artistic & Program Director

Kelly Mann , Entry Director

Submission Policy:

Festival Season: Spring (usually April)

Deadline: Dec. (check website for exact dates)

Entry: $90 for features and new media. $85 for screenplays and music videos. $65 for long shorts. $45 for shorts. Fees vary per deadline. Accepts screenplays, TV production, TV commercials, experimental, new media, and student productions.


Features, Shorts, Web Series, Music Videos, Documentaries

Festival Season:



International film festival for independent film. No major studio films allowed. Ten major categories for competition, including: Features, Shorts, documentary, TV production, TV commercials, student films, experimental films, music videos, new media, and screenplays. More than 200 sub-categories. WorldFest offers 9 Master Classes in all aspects of film/video production, and a nightly Festival Club for networking. Film festival personally confirms receipt of entry, and jury results.