Brillstein Entertainment Partners


Jon Liebman, Partner/CEO

Cynthia Pett, Partner/Co-President

Marc Gurvitz, Partner/Co-President

Sandy Wernick, Partner/Sr. Executive VP

Robin Schwartz, President, TV

David Zwarg, CFO

JoAnne Colonna, Sr. Executive/Manager

Amy Weiss, Executive VP, Business and Legal Affairs

Geoff Cheddy, Manager

Andrea Pett-Joseph, Manager

Danny Sussman, Manager

Lee Kernis, Manager

Tim Sarkes, Manager

Jai Khanna, Manager

Colton Gramm, Manager

Margaret Riley, Manager

Naren Desai, Manager

Missy Malkin, Manager

David McIlvain, Manager

Brad Petrigala, Manager

Scott Wexler, Manager

Alex Murray, Manager

Kristen Del Pero, Manager, TV

Robert Atwood, Manager, TV

Jake Labow, Manager. Comedy

Todd Sellers, Manager

Sean White, Manager

Sharon Higgins, Office Manager

George Heller, Manager

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Submission Policy:

Industry referral only. No unsolicited submissions. No calls. No drop-offs.


Comedians, TV Writers, Producers, Book Authors, Directors, Film & TV Actors

Represents Ages: 18+


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