Nathan Pettijohn, Talent Manager

Submission Policy:

Headshot/resume by email.No calls. No drop-offs.


Speakers & Lecturers, Comedians, TV Writers, Screenwriters, Book Authors, Fashion & Runway Models, Directors, Dancers & Choreographers, Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors, Singers & Musicians, Fit Models

Represents Ages: 18+


"Nathan Pettijohn is a talent manager, producer, and growth hacker. In 2011, Nathan founded Cordurouy, where he now serves as CEO. Cordurouy leads digital strategy for numerous brands and influencers. As a talent manager, Nathan represents business innovators such as Janice Bryant Howroyd (Founder and CEO, The ActOne Group).

Nathan is a contributing writer for Forbes on topics relating to what business leaders need to know about innovations in media and digital strategy, and is the coauthor of #1 Amazon Bestseller, Zen and the Art of Admin Tasks, a tactical guide to outsourcing your administrative work so that you can focus on driving exponential value in your personal and work life."