Electra Star Management


Michael Blakey, President

Robert Gandara, CFO, COO

Tandon Noplos, Manager

Katya Shalayeva, Creator Director

Becky Smith, Receptionist

Taylor Mercer, Manager

Heidi Cox, Senior Project Manager, Production Coordinator

B.J. Lobermann, Project Manager

Parmis Ehsani, Project Manager, Office Manager

Fanny De Coster, Project Manager

Jorge Hernandez, Project Affiliate

Tom Bixby, Development

Tatiana Archangel, International Affairs

Karla Medina, Project Manager

Sadie Dominique, Graphic Designer

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Ron White

Ashley Nicole Greene

Billy Bob Thornton

The Boxmasters

Phoebe Price

Crystal Harris

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Submission Policy:

Accepts unsolicited material.


Print Models, Comedians, Screenwriters, Music Editors & Producers, Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors, Singers & Musicians

Represents Ages: 13-64

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